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Daryl Toby - Landscape Designer and Principal of AguaFina Garden’s & Imports

Daryl Toby is the founder of AguaFina Gardens International, a landscape architectural design/build firm renown for it creative stone setting, water features, Asian influenced design style and dedication to detail and authenticity. AguaFina is also a direct importer of architectural elements, accents and stone, collecting pieces from around the world.

Toby has extensive international travel experience. His travels have included extensive journeys in Asia, Europe and the Americas and it is from these travels that he gets much of the inspiration for the gardens he creates. He has had the unique opportunity of working with and meeting designers and craftsman from around the world, touring private estates, visiting national and international botanical gardens and experiencing the natural environment and cultures of many exotic and distant lands. Toby has been able to integrate his passion for travel with this career as a landscape designer to create AguaFina Gardens & Imports.

Kadek, Meghan and Bella - Cultural Interpreters and Local Art Experts

Born and Bred in Ubud, Kadek is a well respected community leader and artisan. The son of a well known traditional Balinese painter, Kadek has traveled extensively outside of Indonesia and understands Western design and culture yet remains true to his own heritage. Professionally, Kadek began helping buyers export Indonesian handicrafts over a decade ago while running his family's painting gallery which eventually led to the development of Tegun Galeri in the late 90's. Alongside Tegun Galeri, which Kadek manages with his wife Meghan, Kadek also runs Dek's Studio, a production facility for customized furniture of his own personal designs. Kadek is one of those rare individuals whose special energy is apparent the moment you meet him.

Meghan is Originally from New York City, and has lived in Bali since 1995. Meghan is very involved in local community outreach and has been very active in developing and promoting responsible tourism. Meghan began to work together with husband Kadek to build the unique Tegun Galeri which would support traditional folk art and serve as an information centre on the arts of the Indonesian Archipelago. Meghan was certified as a yoga teacher in 2002 and opened up Bali's first official BalispiritYoga Studio in 2004. Together and living in Bali since 1992, Kadek & Meghan have a little girl named Bella.

John Pettigrew – Resident Landscape Architect John Pettigrew – Resident Landscape Architect

John Pettigrew is an accomplished Landscape Architect originally from Ireland, who has made Bali his home for over 20 years. His work on the island has included the Begewan Giri Estate, the Four Seasons, Bali Bird and Reptile Park and many private residences. John will be escorting the tour to various projects in which he has been involved in, and possibly a current project.
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