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Air Fare Options

Our designated travel agent is Pacific Harbor Travel*, Inc. They are familiar with our travel plans and are prepared to make complete flight arrangements from your departure city. Once you have registered for the tour, they will contact you to discuss flight options, confirm your airfare choice and book your ticket.

Our airline of choice is Singapore Airlines, and for your convenience we have listed airfare options below. Pricing for Air Fare is based on departure from Singapore Air Gateway Cities of Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, with add-on fairs (connecting flights) available from other departure cities.

If you have specific questions regarding airfare options, please feel free to speak directly with Pacific Harbor Travel*, Inc. 1-800-435-9463, Contact: Linda Schwedock or feel free to contact Daryl Toby at AguaFina.

The following classes of service are available (from Gateway City):
  • First
  • Business
  • Executive Economy
  • Economy
  • If you prefer to use another airlines or wish to make other travel arrangements please contact us. Please note that if you decide to book air travel separately, please advise your travel agent you will need to book your flight to Bali on # SQ142.
Air Fare Price List**

Gateway City
First Class
Business Class
Executive Economy Class
Economy Class
New York (JFK) $11,120.00 $6,047.00 N/A $850.00 1 stop in Frankfurt
New York (Newark) N/A $6,432.00 $1,550.00 N/A Non stop
Los Angeles $10,135.00 $5,096.00 N/A $750.00 1 stop in Taipei
Los Angeles N/A $5,595.00 $1,442.00 N/A Non stop

* * Travel agency liscense number (CST # 1014242-10).
** Fares shown do not include tax and fuel sucharge of $233 which is subject to change prior to time of booking. Should the airline impose higher fuel surcharges, you will be notified prior to ticketing. Economy class fares pricing is guaranteed but must be ticketed prior to December 31. Fares listed for first, business and executive classes are subject to change and will be reconfirmed prior to actual ticketing.

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