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Optional Add -On Excursion to Borobadur

Visit to the Temples of Borobadur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Located in central Java, Borobadur was built in the eighth century and is the largest single Buddhist temple in Indonesia and amongst the best preserved ancient monuments in the world. Inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1991, the sanctuary is comprised of a million and more cut-stone blocks, 1,460 stone relief panels and 504 life-size Buddha statues, each sculpted from a single stone.
The shape of this massive temple reflects the surrounding volcanic peaks with it presence in the landscape creating an outdoor museum rich in Buddhist tradition. This is an experience not to miss.
For more info on Borabadur visit www.borobudurpark.com

A Stay at the Renowned Amanjiwo Resort

One of the top luxury resorts in the world, The AmanJiwo (part of the Aman Group) has received many accolades for its impressive architecture inspired by the temple designs of Borobudur Buddhist Temple. Equally impressive is the Amanjiwo’s reputation for service and attention to detail. Located in the heart of Java, it is renowned for service and exclusivity, providing the perfect location to enjoy the hidden treasures of Java. This exclusive resort offers exquisite cuisine, an art gallery, tennis courts, a traditional spa and many other amenities.

No visit to Amanjiwo would be complete without a tour of Candi Borobudur, the Eighth Wonder of the Orient, and one of humanity's most imposing creations. Nothing else like it exists. To help guests share in the mystical elements, to enjoy this experience, you wake before the sun and marvel at its rising from the top of the temple itself. Few are afforded this rare privilege.

As the heat of the day cools, we will drive you down to the Kedu valley where Amanjiwo guides, all born within the shadows of the Temple, who will escort you around the monument. Our guides are able to reveal the secret meanings of this masterpiece and bring to life the knowledge contained within its reliefs - Borobudur is a colossus which needs to be understood before it is felt.

Dawn at Borobudur is personal and private, mere words cannot convey the feelings that it inspires. It is truly an experience of a life-time, and one that remains within forever. It should not be missed.

Package includes RT airfare from Bali, airport transfers, two nights’ accommodation, a tour of Borobudur with private guide, garden suite accommodations and meals.
Price per person $1,350 (single supplement is an additional $690).

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