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A Concierge Level Tour

In addition to our “Bali – A tour of Landscapes and Architecture” package held in association with Garden Design Magazine, we will be hosting an exclusive group tour: “Bali – a Concierge Level Tour Experience.” This tour, designed for the garden enthusiast desiring the utmost level of service, will be a small intimate group limited to 12 with exceptional attention to detail and unparalleled level of service. Dates for this tour will be determined by the general availability of participants.
To learn more, please contact Jeff Swendrowski directly at 248.738.0500 or at info@aguafina.com.

An exclusive tour of the Island of Bali
Although the tour is focused on the beautiful gardens of Bali, our tour encompasses much more. Once in Bali, we will have the opportunity to meet personally with local artists, renowned designers and architects. Visit various public and private gardens, attend traditional Balinese ceremonies, take exclusive tours of private homes and experience the Balinese culture first hand. We will see gardens that have been featured in various international publications and we have arranged stays at exclusive properties that are known for their extreme level of service and attention to their guests.

Package Amenities
Our Concierge Level Tour is set apart, offering you extreme attention to detail, exclusive property stays and many other amenities including:
  • International Cell phone and other essentials upon arrival in Bali
  • Private motorcar (Mercedes) on arrival in Singapore
  • Currency exchange available prior to arrival
  • Travel Medical Insurance (for qualifying individuals)
  • Private reception and events with local artisans, designers and others involved in the design community
  • Gourmet meals and traditional cuisine with an opportunity for private dining and suite service
  • Arrangements for shipping artwork accumulated during travel (please note that actual shipping and delivery costs apply)
  • Arrangements to extend stays at private villas upon request
  • Departing spa treatment and arrangements for spa visits during the tour
  • Assistance in arranging Hotel and villa stays at exclusive properties, Examples of these resorts include:
    Amanjiwo Resort
    Como Shambhala Estate
    The Viceroy Bali
    Shangri-La Hotel / Singapore
    Amanjiwo Resort 
    Como Shambhala Estate 
    The Viceroy Bali
    Shangri-La Hotel 

A day tailored to your own unique interests
One of the most unique experiences of the tour is a day built completely around your own personal interests. Whether you choose to go golfing, scuba diving, sailing, take private yoga classes, treat yourself to a full day at the spa, take cooking classes, Balinese dance etc., or shop for your art collection, we will make all the arrangements for you, either individually or as a couple.

Price per person from $17,500* (plus air options)
Airfare Options

* Based on double occupancy. Prices also are based on U.S. Dollar / Indonesian Rupiah currency exchange rates as of Feb 1, 2007. Should exchange rates fluctuate significantly prior to departure, additional fees may apply.
** We have selected exclusive properties for your visit and the prices of these stays have been included in the cost of the tour. Should you wish to explore additional upgrade options, such as presidential suites, please contact us and we can review these options with you.

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